We are dedicated to generating profitable commercial outcomes for those who plan, run, and manage the world's infrastructure and resources. Edanbrook provides clients and engineering firms the resources to assist along the whole corporate value chain, including capital allocation, investment optimization, value retention, sustainability, resilience, and liability transformation.

As your business partner, we assist you in making decisions and creating opportunities by helping you during critical times.


Project assessment / evaluation
Economic evaluation
Due diligence
Laboratory testwork
Owner's team


Cold storage buildings
Heavy industrial buildings
manufacturing buildings


Floating Structures
Offshore wind turbines
Subsea structures
Oil rig


Nuclear power plants
Coal-fired power plant
Gas-fired power plants
Wind power plants
Solar power plants
We are committed to changing the course of the planet.

Our capacity to call on expertise in business, engineering, and digital transformation makes us unique. Allowing us to reframe problems, create value, and give your company a competitive edge.

In water, energy, and urbanization, our globally interconnected network is resolving humanity's greatest challenges. Delivering significant achievements while addressing issues brought on by industry disruption to seize the opportunity and boost certainty.


Asset Management

Implementing and enhancing asset management structures and processes is vital to delivering positive affectivity aspects and, ultimately, remodelling into a leading corporation with the highest quality client value.

Assurance, Audit and Compliance

In an ever-changing and complicated business world, tremendous assurance throughout firms must be a phase of the commercial enterprise DNA.


ESG & Strategic Sustainability

At the coronary heart of sustainability is balancing boom with environmental stewardship and social welfare to supply long-term prices to stakeholders.

Integrated Transport Consultancy

We connect people to places, goods, and offerings to gateways via low or zero-emission transport.


Movement Strategies

Considering human beings' motion can seriously change how humans journey spaces, driving expanded business performance.


What keeps you up at night? Whether it's minimizing risks, diversifying your business, or transitioning to a lower carbon future, we start with the stop aim idea and work with you to advance a vision for success.


Public Policy and Government Transformation

Governments and different public institutions face complicated financial, economic, social and environmental challenges. To supply targeted and lasting community benefits, we help you create informed general insurance policies, and strategies backed by using data.

Regulation and Access

Organizations and regulators must supply operational efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, obtain community access and gain strategic objectives.


Risk Management

Today's quickly altering world brings new possibilities for business. To remain aggressive and benefit from these opportunities, we help customers apprehend and manipulate risk.

Strategic Insights

We are in an age of emergent and disruptive technologies. Now more significant than ever, businesses want to radically change their records into dependable information to make informed selections that overcome strategic, operational, and cultural challenges that generate sustained performance improvements.


Transaction Advisory

Intelligent investing pays off. Comprehensive, evidence-based reviews and due diligence to uncover risks and opportunities are essential for investment success.