EPAC Boiler

These boilers are specially designed to burn a wide variety of fuels. The "skid-mounted, ready-to-use version" has even more advantages.


    The twin furnace option offers better fuel flexibility to fire moist fuel and comes with manual and auto-fuel feeding options.

  • Saves on civil foundation cost
  • Compact design – Low refractory
  • Better space utilization
  • Environment friendly
  • Minimum Erection work – Faster start-up


High efficiency

  • Membrane panel, water wall furnace design, absorbs maximum heat.
  • Large furnace volume to have better combustion of fuels.
  • A large water/steam interface area ensures dry steam.
  • Responsive to surge / fluctuating load due to higher water holding capacity.
  • Air preheater for hot air.


Lower operating cost

  • Minimum heat loss due to membrane-type water wall design.
  • Most efficient combustion with an optimum residence time of flue gases in the furnace.
  • Better heat transfer and longer tube life due to optimum velocities in smoke tubes.
  • Lower power consumption with energy efficient equipment.


Cares for environment

  • ENERGYPAC comes fitted with air pollution control systems.
  • Suitable for the use of renewable fuels providing complete fuel combustion.
  • Energy-efficient fans, feed pumps, and other efficient auxiliary types of equipment.
  • Swirling air injection for better post-combustion burning of biomass fuels.


ENERGYPAC 3 Pass water cum smoke tube packaged Boiler

  • ENERGYPAC Boiler brings together the benefits of Water Tube and smoke tube designs.
  • Offer the most efficient and economical energy solutions.
  • With a large water holding capacity and large water-steam interface area, these boilers integrate the water tube technology advantages.
  • It has a better response to surge loads, better steam quality, quick start-up, and lower heat loss.