Future of Water Responding to a rapidly changing world

We know you face mounting stress in an ever-changing world to supply more for your communities. Shifting consumer expectations, local weather change, populace growth, ESG demands, and digital disruption require new ideas, strategies, and solutions. Together with our clients, we think and do things differently to meet these challenges head-on.

That's where the future of water comes in. It's our commitment to helping you pre-empt and prepare for what's next—a commitment to collaborate and co-create to face the future with self-belief and conviction.


Shaping a positive future, together

With an eye to the future and an open mind, we've listened to our customers and partners to reimagine our business, bolster our services, and higher serve our communities. Through co-creating innovation solutions, we're deepening our knowledge and developing new capabilities so that you can make informed choices amid unheard-of complexity and rapid alternate with agility.
We can not utterly predict the future – however, we can examine our past to help you lead from the front.


Realising digital's full potential

Intelligent technologies, advancements in harnessing data and cultures set for rapid innovation are placing the stage for industry-wide transformation. Our trusted water consumers and companions have informed us that they desire to discover opportunities to thoughtfully leverage new digital options to deliver improvements, shop cash and force neighbourhood and environmental outcomes.
To help, we're continuously scanning the market for trends, testing new technologies and growing revolutionary solutions – solutions that will pressure change, maximise efficiency, decrease danger and strengthen the safety of your assets.
Together, we will future-proof your commercial enterprise and grant lengthy lasting neighbourhood advantage thru better engagement, recognition and transparency with your customers.


Digital Twinning Online

SSpend less time discovering your records and extra time on your belongings with edanbrook Digital Twinning Online (DTO). It's a low-cost, high-speed collaboration platform that delivers the advantages of your Digital Twin investments throughout your agency – on demand and in real time.

Asset Management

Digitisation can help you satisfy your changing consumer needs by utilising next-generation technology. New digital equipment can raise client experience, generate public value and amplify citizen security via connection to real-time asset data.


Strategic integrated solutions

There are many forces using industry change. When asked, our clients said this exchange is accelerating and much less favourable than ever, making long-term planning an even higher challenge.
In response, we're taking an integrated approach, growing new approaches to managing disparate water systems and addressing water management challenges across urban, industrial, rural and herbal water cycles.

What we do

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we will create resilient and responsive planning options that tackle environmental, cultural and social forces.

The water enterprise is inherently circular. End-of-line elements such as biosolid and waste-to-energy answer have been operational for decades. Now, new questioning has the achievable to practice round ideas at some point of the lifecycle of operations and beyond, connecting the water enterprise to local economies to free up greater sustainable, whole-of-community outcomes.

Our customers have told us that opportunities to leverage off-grid solutions are becoming increasingly eye-catching due to environmental, economic and demographic drivers. Through our Off-Grid and Distributed solution, we will explore decentralised water, sewage, waste and electricity systems for the public and personal sector.