As a leading supplier in the industry, we specialize in delivering innovative and customizable pre-engineered buildings to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a warehouse, manufacturing facility, commercial complex, or any other type of building, we have the expertise to cater to diverse industries and applications.
Our pre-engineered buildings are designed and fabricated off-site, ensuring precision and efficiency. With careful engineering and attention to detail, we maximize the durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of each structure, while minimizing construction time and expenses.
We take immense pride in using only the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Every component undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee structural integrity and longevity. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians collaborate closely with you to customize designs that perfectly align with your requirements, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Advantages of PEB

STRUCTURE WEIGHT - Structural Members used are tapered built up sections and are 10 to 20% lighter than conventional buildings.

FOUNDATIONS- Since the structural weight is low, lightweight foundation with simple design is enough.

CLEAR SPAN - Members of pre-engineered buildings can over large clear span up to 100 to 120 m without any intermediate supports.

DELIVERY SPEED - Faster delivery. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to construct 500 MT pre-engineered building after-finalization of design.

COST OF CONSTRUCTION - Price per square meter is 30% less than the cost of conventional building.

SEISMIC RESISTANCE - These buildings offers good resistance against seismic actions since it is made of lightweight flexible members.

FUTURE EXPANSION OF BUSINESS - It is easy to expand the pre-engineered building because of its simple connection design.

ERECTION SIMPLICITY - Erection of PEB members is so simple and faster. light equipment is enough.



  • Aircraft Hangars.
  • Stadiums Warehouses.
  • Auditoriums Shopping Malls.
  • Hypermarkets Factories.
  • Offices Cold Storages.
  • Poultry Farms Schools.
  • Hospitals Showrooms.
  • Workshops Fuel Stations.
  • Site Offices Bus Shelters.
  • Car Parking’s