Rotary Screen

Edanbrook provides a rotary screen for screening valuable materials such as Zorba scrap and municipal waste. The screens are widely used in metal recycling plants and the mineral industry.

We have recently designed rotary screens of various sizes and capacities ranging from 1.5m dia. X 5.0m long to 2.4m dia. X 20m long with capacities ranging from 5 TPH to 20 TPH and up to 3,000,000 holes in a single screen (varying in different dimensions).

We can produce items up to 4.6m in diameter and 17m in length (single piece).



  • Being skid-mounted and portable can be easily secured anywhere, depending on process requirements and space availability.
  • Robust construction.
  • The sieve bowl is made of stainless steel, which provides anti-magnetic properties against iron particles and also guarantees 100% opening of the sieve holes.
  • The screen can be divided into three or more segments, and the size of the openings can separate the material into different zones.
  • The screen opening design facilitates material ejection and minimizes screen glare.
  • The sprocket adopts a split and reversible specification that is easy to replace.
  • Adequately sized dust collection points are provided to expel unwanted, minute particles that cause dust on the screen.
  • Screen holes drilled with the latest CNC machines with micron-pitch spacing accuracy provide maximum sorting efficiency.