Structural Steel Design and Detailing

We specialize in creating highly accurate 3D models of mild steel and other steels, as well as producing high-quality, detailed shop drawings for mild steel and various steel structures that meet the individual standards of our customers. We use two of the world's leading steel detailing software solutions, Autodesk Advance Steel and Tekla Structures, and provide models that can be imported into a variety of software packages. Simplify and solve the most complex steel structures with this steel detailing software, based on years of experience in this area of the construction industry.


What we do

The Edanbrook team believes in keeping some details in-house. It allows us to respond quickly to design changes, enhance detailed project planning, and, most importantly, limit the potential for errors that delay customer orders with different steels by the same company. Structural steel, described and manufactured in detail, helps eliminate future problems like missing connections between stairs and railings. Describe all project details using Tekla Structures. Tekla Structures makes exporting models to 3D PDF and BIM programs easy, so you can see what you'll get once your job is manufactured and assembled.