Vendor Prequalification

Edanbrook is a professional services company, privately owned through our people, supplying engineering, architecture, environmental and development offerings in international markets to personal and public zone clients. We are supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It includes the commitment to work toward eradicating the many forms of Modern Day Slavery and enhancing human rights across our price chain.

A sizeable contributor to our success is our commitment to our organisational values: Safety, Teamwork, Respect, and Integrity — and we anticipate our carriers to share this equal commitment. We aspire to construct relationships with the best vendors who share our values and are equally devoted to helping us achieve our sustainability goals. To accomplish this, we constantly monitor current Edanbrook providers and consider new viable vendors.


Becoming a Edanbrook Vendor

  • Invitation to become an Edanbrook supplier – as soon as the Edanbrook shared services team receives the request from our project managers, vendors will be emailed the crucial information to begin the Prequalification utility process.
  • Application to be an Edanbrook supplier - to grow to be an Edanbrook vendor, the following information should be returned to Edanbrook for evaluation and approval:

    • Completed Edanbrook vendor prequalification form
    • Copies of any supporting material as detailed within the prequalification form
    • Copies of current insurance – e.g. Public Liability, Worker's Compensation, Professional Indemnity (if applicable)
  • Assessment of archives furnished - Edanbrook will evaluate your prequalification material and contact you if additional information is required. The depth of the overview will be proportionate to the threat exposure of the offerings you offer and the work you may undertake for Edanbrook
  • Successful prequalification - upon profitable prequalification, providers will be notified in writing.

Becoming an Edanbrook Vendor

Please notice that work with Edanbrook can't start, and carriers can only be paid once pre-qualified.

Upon profitable assessment of your prequalification information, your Edanbrook prequalification will be valid for two years, with updated insurance certificates to be forwarded to our given mail annually as they expire. You have to also comply with the Edanbrook Code of Conduct and notify us in writing of any near miss, incident, harm/fatality, property harm, health and security or environmental regulator inquiry or intervention and following any legislative breaches that may also impact Edanbrook's reputation by using association.

We reserve the proper to assess your prequalification fame primarily based on facts furnished or that we emerge as conscious of by way of other skills such as the media.


Child Protection

Edanbrook aims to protect children associated with Edanbrook-managed International Development Assistance (IDA) projects by:

  • Complying with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Child Protection Policy 2017 principles and associated instruction notes.
  • Upholding the ideas articulated in the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Taking responsibility for child protection in implementing IDA projects.
  • Providing a child protection framework that applies child-safe procedures and risk management processes.
  • Being proactive in growing a tradition inside Edanbrook that respects the rights of kids in all places and promotes a zero-tolerance strategy to toddler abuse and toddler pornography.
  • Expecting all personnel to hold high standards of behaviour in their interaction with young people.
  • Providing help and guidance to all personnel in meeting their duties


Edanbrook is committed to providing a protected and professional place of work free from bullying. Consistent with our core values of Safety, Teamwork, Respect, and Integrity, Edanbrook intends to promote a business of work in which all employees deal with one any other with dignity and respect.

Edanbrook's bullying policy and Code of Conduct are trying to ensure that bullying and victimization are no longer tolerated and that men and women determined to be engaging, collaborating in, or permitting these types of behaviours to continue might also face remedial and disciplinary action. Edanbrook is committed to taking all reasonable measures to minimise the hazard of this behaviour occurring in the workplace.

Edanbrook personnel have the following preferences to document the incidence and can pick to report anonymously: phone, online, without delay to their manager and people team. We are finalising global administrative centre investigation tips to ensure constant procedure when addressing allegations of bullying.


Inclusion and diversity at Edanbrook

At Edanbrook, we strive to be an inclusive neighbourhood where anyone feels they belong. Our inclusion and range (I&D) centred subculture is core to who we are and what we stand for. Our way of life celebrates and reflects the outstanding variety of our people, our clients and the communities we work in. Our approach extensively encompasses all diversity factors, acknowledging that all folks are unique.

It includes instructional background, thinking and leadership styles, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, neurodiversity, reconciliation with indigenous peoples, and bendy working methods. We aspire to be the leading company for I&D in our industry and consistently strive to do better. Our dedication to I&D focuses on what greater inclusion can release for our people, clients, and industry.

Local rules guide our regionally particular movements, and we inspire vendors to keep employment and buying practices that motivate inclusion and range across their business. We endeavour to work with companies that support gender equality and under-represented populations.



In line with its Code of Conduct, Edanbrook is dedicated to offering a working environment that is professional, safe, and free from harassment. Edanbrook intends to promote a workplace the place every person treats every different with dignity and respect.

Edanbrook's harassment coverage ensures that such behaviour is no longer tolerated. The scope also notes that individuals enticing or collaborating in Conduct such as harassment, victimisation, and retaliation or allowing it to continue can also face penalties, including remedial and disciplinary action.

Edanbrook is committed to taking all realistic measures to decrease the hazard of these behaviours in the workplace. Edanbrook employees have the following options to document incidences and can file anonymously: phone, online, or directly to their manager and people team.


EEO & Discrimination

Edanbrook is an equal-opportunity employer dedicated to growing and preserving a large body of workers and inclusive culture. Through these practices, Edanbrook intends to entice and retain fantastic human beings for the job. Guided by our core values of Safety, Teamwork, Respect, and Integrity, Edanbrook wants to take preventative and tremendous actions to ensure our work environment and employment practices are non-discriminatory, and all humans are treated pretty and equally.

Edanbrook is committed to offering a protected and professional workplace free from discrimination. Edanbrook's EEO & discrimination policy outlines the standards of equal employment possibility and advises all employees, at any place we operate, in all phases of our business, of the anticipated behaviour at Edanbrook. Edanbrook personnel have the following picks to file incidences and can pick out to record anonymously: phone, online, immediately to their manager and people team.


Grievance Handling

Edanbrook is committed to maintaining collaborative work surroundings and ensures that all personnel can address categorical grievances and resolve them fairly, equitably, and promptly.

The Edanbrook grievance handling coverage intends to make particular an open, transparent, and constant method of dealing with grievances and ensure that complaints or worries are addressed promptly and exclusively.

Edanbrook is dedicated to supplying its workers with a secure and expert working environment. Edanbrook personnel have the following alternatives to record incidences and can report anonymously: phone, online, or directly to their manager and people team.

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